Agile Pampanga x Fullstack HQ 2019

Groufie with our seminar-workshop facilitators

Fullstack HQ partnered with Agile Pampanga for a seminar-workshop last September 27, 2019. This is a first time for Fullstack HQ and it was definitely a great learning opportunity for our team.

Rad Butalid, Agile Coach, & Agile Champion, and Grah Dungca, IT Business Analyst & Solutions Architect, facilitated the activity.

A very unusual set-up for a seminar-workshop! The team used an open space (no chairs!), white posters, sticky notes, crayons, markers, pens, and a lot of collaborative thinking with each member!

The program was divided into two parts: the Ideation Workshop and the Solutions Workshop. The first phase which is the Ideation Workshop involved an introduction of the team members through a very quick yet fun and engaging game that taught about the importance of strategizing as a team to finish tasks quickly and efficiently. Thereafter, it was followed by the mind-mapping activity.

Agile Workshop

Grah Dungca (Left) and Rad Butalid (Right), our Agile facilitators.

Fullstack HQ is a world-class, fast-paced agency that is growing fast!

The mind-mapping activity involved going around the area and writing down their ideas on the different issues raised by each department.

After writing and discussing their ideas, everyone had the chance to list down their goals for the team. Definitely a mind-stimulating activity! It got everyone thinking!

Agile Workshop

Agile Workshop

Just some of the Mind Map and SMART BHAGs our team created!

Agile Workshop

Busy writing down on the mind maps!

Agile Workshop

Our team planning with Grah and Rad

After having lunch, Rad and Grah moved to the second phase which is the Solutions Workshop.

The team was given the chance to practice MVP Planning through an activity. Everyone collaborated in listing down the issues which they believe is doable in the next few months. They were categorized into four: must have, should have, could have, and won't have.

After brainstorming on their plans and ideas, the whole team gathered in painting a big picture. Everyone got their hands dirty — they used crayons, markers, and pens to convey a complex plan into a single unified image that would create a powerful impact to everyone! Their creative juices overflowed in this drawing exercise!

Agile Workshop

We are not called A Team without artistry in our blood!

Everyone wrapped up at around 4:30 in the afternoon with a showcase of their insights about the activities done followed by a group picture.

If we could put the learning of the team in words, the blog post would not be enough. But Fullstack HQ is truly grateful for the opportunity to undergo the Agile seminar-workshop! Looking forward to working with Rad and Grah in the future!

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